Protective Custom Made Car Window Shades


Custom made for each vehicle & are designed to have a snug fit.

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Cool Air Flow
Protect your Baby / Kids
UV Sun Shades
Fits Over Window Frame

Our Super Special offer R290 a set. SAVE R180
Super Shades is one of the greatest sun shade products on the market that offers more than just protection against the scorching sun. Super Shades is the answer to the demand for a long overdue car window shades product.

Order now. Only R290 for a pair (left & right). Easy Order Form below.

UV sun shade protection for Baby & Kids

Super Shades truly steals the show, especially at this price. Super Shades provide excellent shade, blocking over 80% of the sun's UV rays, covers the entire window. Keeping the sun out of kids & Babies eyes.

Parental privacy

Prevents outsiders from glancing into the back of the vehicle looking for something to snatch and to break-in.

Ideal for nursing mothers, giving mother and child protective privacy. Window Gloves were designed for Babies / kids but are great for anyone, as well as pets.

Fresh air flow

Allows you to open the windows, allowing fresh airflow into the vehicle while acting as a barrier against insects, preventing insects entering your car when the window is open. Great if you need ventilation on the move.

Easy to fit

Super Shades are quick and easy to fit, they fit over the window frame and cannot be removed once the car door is shut. Super Shades are custom made for each vehicle and are designed to have a snug fit. Cannot be pulled off by kids. For fitting instruction see above.

Ozone layer

With the ozone layer being wiped away one needs more protection from the sun as cancer is becoming more common. Children need to be protected against UVA and UVB rays, in order for them not to develop skin cancer.


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Portfolio: Here are 3 different vehicles. All 3 having different shape window frames. To give you an idea of our fit.